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Website spring clean

Okay, for those who haven’t seen it yet, my main website (Trisen.com) has been redesigned.  The new design is based on an online tutorial … visually more interesting than what was there before.  My name near the top links to my online CV (or resume).  StuffOnline is retaining it’s original theme (and staying as classic ASP) to mark it as separate from the ‘main’ site.  I am building (but not yet published) an ASP.NET site for Universe, hopefully it will be ready before Universe 2 starts public beta.

It seems crazy after all this time but I am still getting mis-directed email.  Email to people at trisen.com.my (a company in Malaysia) and to tri-sen.com (a company in the US) keeps ending up in my default mail box.  This includes boardroom minutes, quality complaints, and order inquiries … plus some occasional personal stuff!