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Traveller Universe

I’ve finally resolved the exception and error handling issue.  I didn’t like the Enterprise Application Blocks so I’ve developed a strategy that mimics them but with greater control.  (Actually, it’s a variation on something my Dad developed for his project.)  It almost didn’t work when I discovered that Syncfusion somehow blocks the CLR from seeing an exception handler through a Syncfusion component (in this case a skinned form) … but I’ve found a workaround by converting exceptions into form dialog status and back again.  Refactoring should be complete by the weekend.

The IEL export function is now complete.

I’ve started to prototype the stars/planets/satellites objects.  The system generation rules by DGP are, of course off limits, but actually the generation rules were largely in Book 6.  DGP’s World Builder’s Handbook was for extrapolation and secondary details.  And a lot of those extrapolations are based on real world science (for example, the relationship between a world’s radius and volume, and if you know the density then you can find the mass, surface gravity, and escape velocity).  So it shouldn’t be too difficult to build a replacement rule system for Universe 2 to use.

Currently Universe 2 has 43696 lines of code in 230 code files.

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