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Gaining another qualification

I’m always trying to improve my skills but in an effort to quantify these improvements I’ve revisited the Microsoft certification scheme.  I hold an MCSD from years ago and this time I’m going after multiple MCTS in C#.NET (both 2.0 and 3.0/3.5).  First up is winform 2.0 … there were two exams for this: a core foundation exam plus the elective winform exam.  However, it seems that these are not available in Victoria BC (the provincial capitol) and so I had to travel to Langley BC for the first and Abbotsford BC for the other.

To understand how daft that is lets just look at the last one.  I had to take a ferry to the mainland and then drive to Abbotsford.  This took approx 4 hours in total.  Then I had to stay overnight as the exam was scheduled for the early morning.  All this for an exam scheduled as 130 minutes long but which actually only took 40 minutes (I scored 95%).  It seemed a bit anticlimactic!

Oh well.

Next up will be the webform 2.0 qualification.  It uses the same foundation exam I have already passed so I just need to do the webform elective.  After that I’m not sure if I should complete the 2.0 trio and do the web service 2.0 exam or start the 3.5 upgrade exams.