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Catch Up (Part 2)

The other thing of note in 2008 was that, with the ink still wet on an extension to my contract, my employer decided to get rid of all contractors (thanks to the credit crunch).  But this wasn’t before I’d already booked a Christmas holiday in the Holy Lands.  I should explain that, although I was raised a Catholic I am not a religious person.  But I wanted an alternative to spending Christmas alone in a hotel room in London and when the thought of going to the Holy Lands for Christmas popped into my head it seemed an obvious choice.  My first plan was to tour Istanbul, then go to Bethlehem for Christmas day, and do the Pyramids in Egypt for New Years but that turned out to be too difficult to arrange.  Plan B was to do the Holy Lands over Christmas and the Pyramids at Easter.  In the end I only achieved the first half of Plan B, Egypt will have to wait for another time.

Meanwhile, I think my contract ending upset some of my perm co-workers more than it did me.  They gave me a nice send off (two in fact), which as a contractor you don’t always get, and I’m still in touch with some of them.

So.  A week in Israel.  What was that like?  Short answer: not quite what I expected.  The hotel was in Tel Aviv and I landed to find it windy and raining heavily.  I always thought Tel Aviv was a modern, Western-style city in a desert country.  But, apart from some modern hotels on the sea front, most of what I saw looked more like a run down Mediterranean beach resort off-season.  Finding you way around can be more problematic than in other foreign countries:  In France or Germany or Spain you can read a word from a sign and find it in a guide or phrase book (even make a stab at saying it), but in Israel the alphabet is so different you don’t even know what order the letters come in, and reading a sign out loud is a complete non starter.  Squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle!  You also have to contend with Jewish eating laws … even in a hotel.  I was prepared for no bacon, but no milk for tea of coffee when there was beef on the menu?

Before I left I tried to book a tour of Bethlehem for Christmas Day but the travel agent said I’d have to book all tours when I got there but it would be easy.  When I got there it found it was easy to book tours … but not to Bethlehem: that needed advance notice because of the security issues.  But I did book three other tours.  Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee.  Each took a full day, leaving the hotel at 7am and returning after 6pm.

Jerusalem was interesting.  Apart from all the obvious local history I found all the buildings (and the alley ways) were made from local limestone.  The local authorities ensured this applied to new buildings too so they wouldn’t look out of place.  The downside is that limestone is slippery when wet: not what you want to pave your roads with!  I spent half my time there looking down at my feet, trying not to slip over.  Oh, and having airport-style security check points to enter the Jewish quarter of the city was a surprise.  Especially when they were manned by teenagers in civilian clothing and carrying battered looking Uzi SMGs!

Masada and the Dead Sea were in the desert.  Much more like I was expecting.  And spectacular.  But I had no idea how much the Dead Sea had dried up.  We stopped off at the Ein Gedi resort … it had been built on the edge of the dead sea but now a tractor has to take you from the resort buildings to where the edge is now.  The ‘beach’ is a thick crust of salt … looks like sand, feels like rough concrete.  So no bare feet.  The water itself feels very oily.  Our guide made two comments that stuck in my mind.  First was that Masada was a metaphor for modern day Israel: a group of Jews surrounded and outnumbered by enemies who wished to kill them all.  Second was her idea that the West Bank had fallen so quickly to the Israeli Army because God was on their side (I had to bite my tongue not to mention the parallel to the equally fast fall of Poland to the Nazis):  Tourists are cautioned not to talk politics with the locals.

Finally there was the Sea of Galilee.  Actually a whistle stop tour of Tiberium, Capernaum, Nazareth, and some place on the River Jordan.  I got to eat a fish out of the Sea of Galilee and watch people being baptised in the River Jordan!  How cool is that?

So here’s the thing:  The Sea of Galilee is currently below its usual level.  And the Sea of Galilee flows, via the River Jordan, into the Dead Sea … which is now half empty.  And everywhere you look are fields filled with every kind of fruit thanks to irrigation. With plans for more settlement and more farming.  Are the Israelis about to experience the water equivalent of a credit crunch?  One of Israel's conflicts had been over the Sea of Galilee: it used to be shared with neighbouring Jordan, now the border encompasses the far shore as well.  Was this conflict really about access to water?  Quite apart from the Palestinian issue it looks like trouble ahead.

Of course I’ve only hit on some of the highlights.  I could have written an entry longer than this one on each day of my trip.  I did find security on El Al flights was much more thorough … not stricter per se, but not the going-through-the-motions gesture security you seem to get with other airlines.  And it was bizarre being in the airport and hearing an announcement over the PA reminding passengers that they shouldn’t carry their guns in the main concourse!

Over all, very educational for the non-religious.  Highly recommended.

Catch Up

Good grief!  It’s been more than a year since my last LiveJournal entry.  It seems that when you have things to say you don’t have the time to say it, and when you do have the time you have nothing to say.

Well I’ve had to immerse myself to a certain extent in the world of social networking sites.  I now have a Facebook page, a Linked In page, a Windows Live page, and a Google profile.  The reasons why I’ll explain another time.  They should all be linked to each other and one of the Windows tools is Windows Live Writer which allegedly allows me to write LiveJournal entries offline and then post it.  I’m using it right now so we’ll have to see how the actual post comes out.

My last post was titled “Summer Holidays (Part 1)” and I had intended to describe Gencon UK 2008 in Part 2.  Instead here is the abridged version:

I went to Gencon UK 2008.

You want more?  Okay.  I was intending to return to Canada in 2009 so GCUK ‘08 was to be my last.  I’ve been to every Gencon UK for the past 14 consecutive years (I think) so wanted this time to be a little extra memorable.  And it was.  (Update: It seems there was no GCUK ‘09, so making ‘08 my last one was fortuitous.)  First off I got to meet Loren Wiseman (former GDW alumni), I got to play Traveller with him, and myself and a guy called Alan got to take him out for a sit-down Chinese meal at the end of the convention!  How cool is that?

I also got to meet Colin Baker, best known as Doctor Who #6 (and also “Baban The Butcher” in Blakes 7).  To be honest I hadn’t thought much of his Doctor on the TV, my interest in the show was wearing thin by then, but I’ve since discovered the Doctor Who audio plays by Big Finish Productions (which feature Doctors 5-8) and some of Colin’s stories have been first rate.  In fact most of the Big Finish Productions stuff is excellent and far better than the BBC prior to their re-launch of the show (David Tennant ‘started’ there doing other parts before landing the TV role).  In addition to meeting the fans he also helped out in the convention’s charity auction where he was very entertaining and I spent more money than I should have.

Immediately after the charity auction, and with very little advertising, there was a screening of the movie “Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising”.  If you’ve ever played D&D you must watch this movie, it’s hilarious.  (Don’t worry if you’ve not seen the first Gamers movie, or even if you have, it’s a stand alone story and much better than the first.)

There’s a lot more to catch up on.  Watch for Catch Up (Part 2).

Summer Holidays (Part 1)

Well I've just come back from seeing the Alhambra (with a stop off at Reading on the way back for my 14th Gencon UK). How was it? Great ... eventually. There was a lot of little mishaps and confusion over the tickets and I thought if anyone was planning on going to the Alhambra they might benefit from my experiences.
I only had a brief time in which to go to Spain so my plan was to fly out Sunday, have a good night's rest in the hotel followed by a full day at the Alhambra, possibly taking in some of Spain's culture and night life , before flying back on Tuesday. My flight out was to go from Heathrow to Madrid where I'd connect with a flight to Granada.
My research before the trip informed me that while entrance to the Alhambra gardens (called Generallife) was relatively easy, access to the Nesrid Palace (the main part of the Alhambra) was tightly regulated and tickets were best bought in advance. So I went to the Alhambra ticket website only to discover that there were no tickets available for the day in question. A follow up phone call confirmed this, the clerk suggesting I might like to try queuing up at the site at 7am. Hmm, with the time zone difference my body clock would be telling me it was 6am (I'm not a morning person) and no guarantee of success.
Digging around I found out that the local City often block books allocations of tickets that they then combine with other stuff to make a City Tourist Pass. I tried phoning them but the clerk spook no English, so off I went to their website. There was an online application form that opened in a popup window but 2 things made it confusing. First, the translation into English was sometimes poor. Second, some of the form (including the submit button) are obscured by the popup window's size and lack of scroll bars ... pressing F11 in IE maximises the form and allows you to complete it. I got a ticket to the Nesrid Palace for 10:30am (which means entering Generallife at 9:30am).
On the day I arrived at the airport on time only to be told that my connecting flight was cancelled. No problem, I was soon booked on the next one. The flight to Madrid was uneventful, but on arrival I found my new connecting flight was delayed. So instead of getting to the hotel by 8pm it was much later (1:30am).
At breakfast the next morning I ordered poached eggs. Thinking I'd get 2 poached eggs on toast I surprised when I actually got 2 poached eggs on a single soggy bit of melba toast. There was a pot on the table containing various tube-like packets. There were long white and long brown packets (containing white and brown sugar respectively), and short white and short black packets (which I took to be salt and paper). I picked a short white packet and sprinkled the contents over my eggs. It was sweetener.
Tired and having had a strange breakfast I double checked my tickets confirmation details: you can pick up your actual ticket from the tourist booth near the Alhambra bus stop. Great. I took a taxi from the hotel to the Alhambra and started to search around the bus stop for this booth. It turns out that it meant the bus stop at the other end of the bus ride to/from the Alhambra ... which happens to be walking distance from my hotel. So a bus ride back down the hill and I get my ticket. Returning to the Alhambra ... now late. I still have to queue up at the Alhambra ticket office to convert my Tourist Pass into an actual Alhambra ticket, then show said ticket to the attendant on the gate. I jog through the Generallife gardens to the Nesrid Palace (not stopping to look at anything) where another attendant insists I'm too late, I've lost my time slot, and I'll have to buy another ticket.
Back at the main entrance there is now a large queue for people buying tickets. Occasional announcements over the PA system lets everyone know how many tickets were left: contrary to what I'd read online they didn't run out until mid-afternoon. But there was also a small queue for people to buy tickets from a machine using credit cards. (Even that wasn't simple as the keypad for your PIN was upside-down compared with the UK and I'd memorised my PIN as a set of positions rather than a set of digits. Once I realised it was easy enough to type in upside-down.) My new ticket wouldn't let me back into the gardens until 3:30pm and the Nesrid Palace at 4pm so I had a long hot wait until then. I did wonder if it was really worth it but once I finally got in ... it was. (Oh, and be aware that once in the gardens you have to queue up again at the Nesrid Palace itself to get in.)
The Nesrid Palace looks like one small corner of the Alhambra on the site map but once inside it seems bigger than the rest of the Alhambra. So, with the heat, and not being the energetic type to begin with, by the end I was fairly exhausted. Thus I went back to the hotel and collapsed, not having the energy to see anything else of Granada.
So what can we learn from this?
1) Allow a full day for getting to Granada.
2) The City Tourist Pass is probably good value for money IF you get to the Alhambra in time.
3) If you buy the City Tourist Pass online maximise the web order form to see it all.
4) The tourist booth near the Alhambra bus stop is not near the bus stop at the Alhambra but in the town.
5) There were plenty of tickets available on the day but you don't have a choice of times. (And the vending machine keypad is arranged upside-down.)
6) They will turn you away if you are late.
There are sources of food (sandwiches) and bottled water at the main entrance but you should bring a hat for the sun (and possibly something to read while you wait).
One final observation: There are plenty of bilingual (Spanish and English) signs and announcements but many locals speak Spanish only. Compare that with Rome (for example) and you find the opposite. Unintelligible signs but most locals did speak English.


Status Report

Traveller Universe.  Last time I reported an idea for a change to the IEL functions.  This is now well in hand.  I have a parsed data grid highlighting lines in error and I even have a basic UPP validator class that I hope to reuse later (essentially the EditUWP form will be mostly written by the time I get to it).

A new version of Syncfusion is out but so far the Aero glass features are limited to the WPF subset ... which I'm not using (I'm using traditional Win Forms).  Talking to Syncfusion they say they meant they will look at this feature 'after' the next release (ie. starting now).  On the plus side that have finally included a themed replacement for MessageBox.

But now here's a twist:  Mongoose Publishing has released their version of Traveller.  It looks like a polished version of the original CT.  And they have released some of the rights under their equivalent of an OGL.  BUT ... they have reserved the original LBB style for their own use exclusively.  But I was already using that for Universe ... the packaging, the splash screen, the about screen ... and part of the reason for getting SyncFusion is it was helping me extend that more consistantly to other forms in the program.  Can I claim "prior art" and ignore this?  Can the fact that Universe is released through BITS and BITS are planning to continue publishing through Flaming Cobra (which I think is some sort of Mongoose sub-licensee) make this moot?  Actually, Mongoose got into a bit of a mess with their Fair Use policy (and had to pull it for re-work) so I probably wont know until I've had a sit down with them at this year's Gencon UK.

StuffOnline.  I've just noticed the Purple Heart text has become corrupted, I have the original text so I just need to do a quick update.  Chapter 3 of The Odyssey has been posted (see below).  And it seems the evil scammers are at it again: on one page of my site I saw an IFRAME command being displayed!  It seems that someone gained access via an SQL injection and tried to hack my site such that when you visit certain pages a javascript from an unrelated site is executed in your browser (doing what I don't want to know).  Anyway it looks like they screwed up on the last stage but I'm going to have to scan all the content just to make sure.

The Odyssey.  Chapter 3 is done.  (Whew!)  We have a bit of space combat ... its mil sci-fi, I know how some of you love that ;-P ... and Smyuetx's little secret is out (to the readers).  Still getting people saying (a) they like it and (b) promising constructive critisism but never doing so.  Anyway, chapter 3 is posted on StuffOnline and I'm now off to start chapter 4.

No progress list:  Data Cleaning.  Website Review.  The Ghalalk class Armoured Cruiser.  Regina Stock Exchange.  Traveller Technical Manual.  Liberty RPG.

Geek toy

I've just started using a Vodaphone mobile broadband service when away from home.  The 3G (UMTS) modem attaches to a USB port and is self installing:  It actually has a small generic memory stick inside that Windows detects, installs generic drivers for, then accesses.  Whereupon autoplay finds the modem software on it and installs that.  Clever.

It did blue-screened my Vista laptop a few times until I realised it was clashing with DVD43, a free utility I had installed to make my PC multiregion.  Anyway, on the plus side as well as being completely mobile its actually faster than my home connection!  The downside is you are capped as to the amount of bandwidth per month you can use (3Gb).  Still, a neat piece of kit ...

Domestically ...

Happy Birthday to me (a few days ago).  So what's occurring?

I went to a friend's stag-do last week (myself and about 20 squadies from the TA stuck in a pub in central Luton until 4.00 in the morning).  There were some strippers booked (with permission from the bride-to-be) but one of the squady's wives took offense and cancelled them.  So we lost a sizeable deposit that had already been paid.  The groom-to-be still seemed to enjoy the evening anyway and that's the main thing.

My mad Italian housemate is leaving today (she has to attend court in Italy, something to do with not paying tax whilst money laundering for the mafia).  But she is totally crazy and we all love her so we were out late last night for a farewell drink.  Actually more like a pub crawl around London where our designated driver was doing the most drinking.  Not that that had much effect on his driving: before he drank he was texting on his mobile phone and flipping through a folder of CDs, occasionally glancing up to check the car was still heading in the right direction!  It was then that I remembered why I don't like to be a passenger in his car.

And the bath is broken (waiting for a plumber).

Am I getting too old for this?

Status Report

Traveller Universe.  I've been working on the import/export functions (primarily the IEL style).  In Universe 1 IELs were clever and flexible, but also brittle.  The problem was twofold:  First, if a line had an unresolvable error it couldn't be added.  Second, the header had to be an exact match for what was expected.  For Universe 2 I have realised a better approach would be to use the IEL formats to 'suggest' a parsing of the input data and to display that on a grid for further user review and manual correction.

Last time, I reported a problem with SyncFusion's Office2007 forms and Vista's Aero 'glass'.  Well, I can now detect Aero ... but it may be unnecessary as SyncFusion have said that making their forms glass-aware is an upcoming release.

Data Cleaning.  No progress.

StuffOnline.  Very minor update ... had another ship submitted to the ship registry.

Website Review.  No progress.

The Ghalalk class Armoured Cruiser.  No progress.

The Odyssey.  Still stuck on Chapter 3, need to add 2000 more words.  The Smyuetx flashback scenes are fine, and introduce a neat plot twist, but I do have one problem here.  One flashback scene isn't Smyuetx.  From a purist point of view it just doesn't belong, but I like the scene.  Should I keep it?

Regina Stock Exchange.  No progress.

Traveller Technical Manual.  No progress - awaiting T5.  T5 was supposed to have been released by now and Marc Miller has taken pre-orders ... but it now looks like its still being written.

Liberty RPG.  No progress.

To the handful of people out there who actually read this LiveJournal: no I haven't abandoned it.  My original intent was that if I had to report something each week then I damned well better have something to report.  It would stop weeks and weeks going by without any of my projects advancing.  So what's happened in the past two months?

Traveller Universe.  The RAM upgrade of my second laptop went okay and I've forked over the cash for SyncFusion 6 (sorry potential Win2K customers).  I've created the top level window (unpopulated) and almost finished the Preferences dialog.  One thing I've already noticed about SyncFusion: they supply an Office2007 style form but it always stays the same.  In real Office2007 the forms appear to switch to normal under the Aero interface (thus allowing them to take 'glass').  Someone suggested a way I could achieve the same ... but I've yet to find a way to detect Aero!

Data Cleaning.  No progress.

StuffOnline.  No progress.

Website Review.  No progress.

The Ghalalk class Armoured Cruiser.  No progress.

The Odyssey.  Chapter 3 is going well, I've made a lot of progress just in this last week.  I'm copying TV show 'Lost' in that each chapter (after the first) will spotlight a character via flashbacks.  Chapter 2 spotlit Doctor Morgan Li.  Chapter 3 will spotlight Smyuetx (the Droyne).  Chapter 3 already includes a space battle (hey, its space opera) and a murder.  Actually, writing a Traveller RPG style space battle is almost impossible unless you have it going on in the background ... 20 minute turns are just not dynamic enough.  And just what does a gunner do for 20 minutes if he can only fire once?

Every so often I get an email, or forum post saying "Great story, when's the next chapter?"  And that's nice.  Better than nice.  But apart from the little but much needed ego boost these comments lack detail.  I need some proper critiquing.  I tried signing up on the PlotStorming forum but got more of the same.  (Sigh!)

Regina Stock Exchange.  No progress.

Traveller Technical Manual.  No progress - awaiting T5.

Liberty RPG.  No progress.


Meanwhile, on TV ...

Torchwood (Doctor Who spin-off) has finished another season.  I thought it much improved over last year and its great to see Rees being brought into the story more.  Yanto has also become more than just the butler (he even gets to crack a few jokes).  Rees and Gwen's marriage in episode 9 was a superb episode, and the second to last episode added some much needed backstory on all the characters.  On the downside is all the gay kissing.  Now don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with it per se, and I've had a few gay friends over the years, but sometimes on this show it seems gratuitous ... almost as if rather than just coming organically from the storyline its been shoe-horned in to meet some sort of pro-gay agenda.  When it's the latter its irritating.

This year's Doctor Who has finally started.  An amusing first episode and a surprisingly strong second episode has got this season off to a good start.  Episode 3 ("Planet of the Ood") later to day.  And if the "Fear Factor" on the BBC website is accurate (and its usually not far off) then episode 3 promises to be good too.

Battlestar Galactica season 4 has finally started.  Ah, good ol' space opera.  Check your brains at the door and enjoy.  We love it.


Current Affairs ...

What is Lord Rees on?  He says we should give up manned spaceflight and concentrate on unmanned probes.  There are two things wrong with this.  First, why do we have a space program?  For some its pure science.  For others its because one day we need to colonise another world (having human beings on more than one world is vital for the long term survival of our race).  Now while I am pro-science I would consider myself in the other camp, and it occurs to me that a science-only program would loose a sizeable chunk of public support.  And manned spaceflight is inspirational, it turns people on to science at an early age in ways that space probes don't.  Remote pictures of Mars are exciting to the general public because they give a preview of what we'll see when we finally get there ourselves.  Second, while an unmanned probe may cost a fraction of a manned mission there's a lack of flexibility.  In the long term a manned mission to, say, Mars will find out more than the cost equivalent number of probes.  And third, writing off existing manned spaceflight as unproductive fails to take into account the boost to science that came out of the additional technical challenges.  There was a difficult-to-quantify yet nonetheless massive boost from the technology 'fallout' of the Apollo missions.  And today there is a greater understanding of the intricacies of ecosystems as a result of research into long-term life support systems.

The press continue to play up the doom stories about the dread "Credit Crunch".  Apparently the UK housing market is the worst its been for 30 years.  Yet the number of repossessions are still marginal compared with the last UK housing market crash (in the 90's).  And lets not forget that a UK housing crash has been predicted for years, with many potential first time buyers impatiently waiting for it.  The papers also report massive job losses in the city (London financial district) but not only am I still in a contract, I'm still getting agents call me up out of the blue with offers.  IT contractors are usually the first out the door yet its clearly not as bad as the IT crash of 2001-2003.  My analysis and prediction?  The financial markets screwed up but the overall economy is good.  The overall economy will take some collateral damage (which means people won't make as much money as they'd expected, but they'll still make some).  The FTSE 100 will probably bob around the 6000 mark (sometimes above, sometimes below) throughout the summer, but once the bulk of the 'bad news' is out the way things will start to return to business as usual (certainly by the beginning of next year).

What's up with Zimbabwe?  Ballot box tampering or not the country (if it still can be considered a country the state its economy is in) appears divided and the final election results will lack all credibility.  Both sides believe they has won, yet neither side will be accepted by the supporters of the other.  And now there's a story of an arms shipment to Zimbabwe being halted by workers in South Africa.  The most surprising thing here is that the civil war hasn't actually started yet.

A big delay since my last report.  Did anything happen?

Traveller Universe.  A slight adjustment.  I managed to obtain a second Sony Vaio laptop (A-series) and I've upgraded it to Vista Ultimate.  This will be my development machine for .NET, my old machine remains an XP box with Visual Studio 6.  I have a RAM upgrade planned for this weekend.  But having played with it for a short while I've decided to go with SyncFusion 6 (and loose the potential Win2K customers).

Also, for Universe 1 I've been getting a number of queries about Vista compatability recently.  Initial results suggest it will run except for the help file.  Microsoft have dropped the runtime components for the .hlp format from Vista though it is still available as an optional download.

Data Cleaning.  No progress.

StuffOnline.  Posted chapter 2 of 'The Oddyssey' ... see below.

Website Review.  No progress.

The Ghalalk class Armoured Cruiser.  No progress.

The Odyssey.  I managed to write my way out of the corner I'd gotten into, and finished chapter 2.  Yeah!  I've resized the PDF to fit an eBook reader (specifically a Sony PRS-505) and it comes in at over a hundred pages so far.  While chapter 1 introduced the characters and the basic situation in which they find themselves, chapter 2 adds two major complications, ramps up the animosity between characters, and spotlights Doctor Morgan Li.  I'm thinking chapter 3 will spotlight Smyuetx but thats not definate ... it could be Tam.

Regina Stock Exchange.  No progress.

Traveller Technical Manual.  No progress - awaiting T5.

Liberty RPG.  No progress.

That's all for now.


Jan. 13th, 2008

 Mid January.  How am I doing?

Traveller Universe.  I continue to gain proficiency in .NET, otherwise: no progress.  However, just had a pay day so will try and source the grid this week.

Data Cleaning.  No progress.

StuffOnline.  No new material, but I did do some analysis on the stats for the year.  It seems that while visitors from the US, UK and Canada are the most common, I have more Swedish visitors than I'd have expected.



















< 1%




Website Review.  No progress.

The Ghalalk class Armoured Cruiser.  No progress.

The Odyssey.  Disaster ... maybe.  I was finishing up the last scene and I've discovered a plot hole.  The story involves about a dozen characters and in chapter 1 they split into two groups.  Half way through chapter 2 one group realises it needs someone with engineering skill but all the engineers are in the other group.  So a couple of engineers from the second group travels to the first group (and thus creates a key scene).  The problem is I've just noticed that one of the other characters in the first group is also an engineer, they didn't need anyone sent.  Now I can't change the group he's in or say he's not an engineer because these facts were established in chapter 1 (which I've already posted).  I don't want to loose the scene with the other engineers travel alone because it is a key scene (and I think its one of my better scenes too).  So I'm left with having to say the leader made an error that (a) cost them time, and (b) endangered two of his subordinates.  Hmmm ...

Regina Stock Exchange.  No progress.

Traveller Technical Manual.  No progress - awaiting T5.

Liberty RPG.  No progress.

Its been kind of a slow week.  Must do something to change that.